[02.25] Impact Lighting Inc. awarded the 2014 Product of The Year

Impact Lighting inc. was awarded the 2014 Product of the Year for it's Epic Sky Technology's Star Panel System by Electronic House Publishing. Click to read more.

[2.17.16] Come Celebrate the Grand Opening of Wahlburger's with Mark Wahlburg.

Impact Lighting's newest Integrative Millwork Design division is putting the finishing up the final touches on the soon to be a hit burger bar. The grand opening is sure to be a place to be as the ribbon is cut and the 3-brothers are filmed for their hit A+E reality series. Get there early so you don't miss any of it.

[1.18.16] Impact Lighting Provides Signage and Lighting for Local Airports.

Impact Lighting has provided award winning Clearform departure and arrival gate signage for the Orlando International Airport, we provide our own custom designed illuminated signage that are so bright that they will be visible in broad daylight. We have also just completed a massive remodle with the Daytona Beach airport were we have provided UL listed led panels to light the common bathroom areas. Stay tuned for more information on our aviation specific product line.

[12.10.15] Impact Lighting's Clearform Products Chosen for Wahlburger's.

The landslide success story of the Wahlburger's Boston Burger Restaurant is coming to town. The Wahlburgs have chosen to open their first franchise outside of Boston in Central Florida, in so they have decided to use premier lighting and decor designers at Impact Lighting to provide Clearform Signage for their establishment. This news comes in tandem with the inception of Impact's newest division dedicated to focus on service and hospitality demographics.

[11.10.15] Epic Fireworks to Debut at the Golden Tiki in Las Vegas.

Epic Sky has perfected the art of bringing a professional level fireworks presentation indoors. As a new innovation to the already diverse Star Panel line, Epic Fireworks can provide explosive multicolored explosions through fiber optics, these effects can also include audio components to truly bring the effect inside. This product is to debut at the excedingly stylish Golden Tiki Lounge in Las Vegas, the premier tiki lounge of Las Vegas.

[11.04.15] Powerful New Projection Mapping Technology to Debut at Magic Village Premier Community Project.

Following the Ferarri sponsored gala at the newly developed Magic Village community Impact Lighting has announced their partnership in designing a new automated projection mapping show for this upscale community. More information to follow, but Impact has already designed led projects and created displays for the 1st of three developments and has provided ipad controls that should be extended to at least 2 more major development projects for Magic Village. Find more information about the community here link.

[10.28.15] Epic Sky Technology Completes Custom Star Panel Design for Private 727 Jet.

Always pushing the limits of their already diverse line of product offerings, Impact Lighting, Inc. through its Epic Sky division creates a star panel product in line with aviation standards for fire rating. This totally handcrafted product was able to attain the high standards need to comply with aviation standards. Custom products and innovation in fiber optics are at the forefront of their company model, with several new products to be unveiled in the 1st quarter of 2016. If you would like more information about Epic Sky Lighting, please follow this link.

[10.20.15] Impact Lighting, Sponsors of the 9th Annual Jack in the Park to Benefit Special Olympics Florida.

Impact Lighting, continues to push focus on the greater Orlando community, in a recent drive to benefit the Special Olympics of Florida. Now in its 9th year, Jack in the Park has grown from a humble event of a few restaurants with a couple of hundred people to the event powerhouse that is today and in the process has netted over half a million dollars to directly benefit Special Olympics Florida athletes and programs. If you would like more information about the event, please visit their website.

[10.19.15] Impact Lighting Debuts Flagship Firework Panel Series While Raising Awareness and Funds for Libby's Legacy at Cedia 2015.

Impact Lighting, maker of innovative custom led and fiber optic products, showcased its Firework Panel Series of decorative artistic panels at CEDIA Expo 2015. The Firework Panel Series is an extension of the Epic Sky Star Panel Line, which includes custom starfield panels for any application with features that include planets, audio enhancement, and total customizability. This newest Series allows you to bring a custom fireworks display indoors, with explosive patterns and the ability to include audio reports to achieve the total firework experience anywhere at anytime.
In addition to new products and record attendance the primary focus of this year's exhibit was to raise awareness of breast cancer and the Libby's Legacy organization. For each attendee at thier booth a charitible donation was given by Impact for this lifesaving organization. To furthur contribute to the theme a custom illuminated pink ribbon sculpture was designed by Impact that displayed both led and fiberoptic effects as a major showpeice for the entire Cedia conference. If you would like more information about Libby's Legacy please visit their website.

[10.17.15] Impact Lighting Sponsors the Russell Home for Atypical Children at the 37th Annual Charity Golf Invitational.

Impact Lighting, continues in its commitment to social stewardship in its contribution to the 37th Annual Charity Golf Invitational benefiting the Russell Home for Atypical Children.
Since 1951, the Russell Home for Atypical Children has provided services to as many as 25 severely handicapped children from birth to 63 years old at any given time. The Russell Home is self-sufficient and independently funded. Financial support is derived primarily from the operation of a thrift shop and a teahouse, as well as private donations and volunteer assistance. the Russell Home is a haven for brain-damaged children, and was the first non-profit institution in the country for children with these type of maladies.The physical home consists of a nursery, dormitory wing, playrooms, living room areas, kitchen and large laundry room. More information about the event can be found here.

[07.15] Impact Lighting Secures the 2015 ECN Impact Award for the Epic Flare

Impact Lighting Secures the 2015 ECN Impact Award for the Epic Flare Led innovators continue to make waves with the second major award for 2015 Orlando, Florida: Winning in the category of best in Solid State Lighting for the 2015 ECN Awards in Las Vegas, Impact Lighting Inc. debuts their newest product, the Epic Flare. Other notable recipients this year also include Texas Instruments and API Technologies. This is the second major prize awarded to Impact for this product, following closely on the heels of their win at the 2015 Electronic House Product of the Year Awards. In that contest they were recognized for best new LED fixture.
With the Epic Flare, Impact Lighting has applied new serial technology to achieve smooth white tunable color temperature light output with ultra-high efficiencies as well as color changing flexibility for ambient lighting control systems. The Epic Flare is a revolutionary new lighting innovation that offers both functional and decorative lighting in one fixture. High powered MR16 lamps provide tunable cool to sunlight color temperatures, where the larger fixture surface can be set to any color in the spectrum as a standalone or as integrated into any major control system.
Impact Lighting Inc. is an award winning lighting manufacturer that creates innovative lighting solutions for applications in many industries including health and medical, restaurants, clubs, hospitality, commercial, residential, retail, landscape architecture, pools and spas. Impact Lighting is planning on releasing several more new products to market by the end of the 2015 fiscal period.

[06.13] Travel Channel | Rock My RV

Impact Lighting Inc's, LED Star Panels were installed in the renovation of a hunting RV’s upper sleeping section. This was featured in the Travel Channels popular show Rock My RV with Brett Michaels. Mimicking the constellations with shooting stars and twinkling effects, Impact Lighting Inc’s Star Panels added acoustic insulation to a cold metal interior as well as created a “superstar lounge effect” for the owner.

[10.12]Adore Cosmetics | Deep Sea Cosmetics - Miami Florida

Impact Lighting Inc.'s, , the ever popular, ClearForm LED shelves were installed at the Adore Cosmetics | Deep Sea Cosmetics in Miami Florida. To maintain the clean architectural lines of the salon, Impact Lighting Inc manufactured a series of linear ClearForm LED shelves. The shelves not only provided an architectural design light fixture, but was also utilized as a POP shelf for Adore Cosmetic's products line.

[4.12]Impact Lighting Inc. Trademarks - Thinglow, The Art of Innovation and Lightbender

Impact Lighting Inc. has just acquired a trademark for the following LED products: Thinglow, The Art of Innovation and the Lightbender.

[23.11] The Smithsonian - Washington, DC

We have had the great honor and fortune of working with many of the top Museum Exhibition across the nation. Impact Lighting Inc.'s super bright LED light sources, The ION 8000, were used to illuminate the new black history exhibit gallery at the Smithsonian of American History. It was critical to the lighting design team that  significant artifact conservation limits not dilute the dramatic visitor experience. By creatively managing darkness, highlight & shadow conservator requirements were met without reducing the gallery to a mundane mono-chromatic sea of lights.

[12.11] Couture Med Spa - Orlando, Florida

Couture Med Spa sought to illuminate  its serene spa with the look of an upscale spa boutique.  A major challenge was to illuminate a unique art LED wall piece, a reception counter-top and room signage. Impact Lighting Inc.'s artistic, LED, eclipse galaxy system design panels were installed as the focal art wall at the reception area along with Impact's unique LED lit up ClearForm countertop.
Through careful control of lighting and brightness relationships between key architectural and art elements, the design achieves a comfortable balance that is appropriate for a spa yet honors the design goals of the Owner.

[03.11] Impact Lighting Inc. does it again with its Epic Sky Technology's Galactic Fiber Optic Ceiling Star Panels - Orlando, Florida

Epic Sky Technology, a division of Impact Lighting Inc, showcased its new phenomenal Galactica Star Ceiling Panel at CEDIA 2014. This advanced fiber optic star ceiling panel allows the homeowner to immerse themselves in a interstellar battle, controlled via ipad tablets and phones. The Galactica ceiling star panel gives a new meaning to the phrase "out of this world". Never before has a fiber optic ceiling star panel allowed a fully integrated gaming system for hours of amusement and fun in a home theater. Impact Lighting Inc. plays a key role in designing custom LED built environments that surpass the expectations of owners, and users.

[1.10] I Cafe De Paris - I Drive, Florida

The new Cafe, opening soon at I drive, is a casual coffee and sandwich shop. Oversized custom LED French ornamental chandelier provide a warm glow to the height space and provide a focal point whether sitting or purchasing a coffee or sandwich at the POP counter. A one of a kind LED Eiffel tower lit art sculpture wall, provide an illuminating light show for its patrons. Furthermore, LED color changing Galaxy Shelves on the wall provide extra punch and accent to highlight merchandising sold in the new cafe. At the far end of the room, a custom iron welded signage with LED color changing LEDs brands the new cafe.
I Cafes de Paris will be a unique, adding a new dimension to the existing retail market in I Drive, offering a contemporary urban experience.

[18.09] Orlando Florida Hospital - Altamonte Springs, Florida

Orlando Florida Hospital in Altamonte Springs Florida, houses numerous healthcare quarters on the Center’s first floor. These facilities include rooms and a special lounge areas designed specifically for hospital patients.
Impact Lighting Inc.'s linear LED Light Strips, ThinGlow light fixtures, illuminate the coves in all the accommodation and lounge quarters, that create the look of a high-end hotel room, while still complying with the stringent maintenance requirements of a hospital environment. Thoughtful attention is paid to creating flattering light for patients who patronize the healthcare facility. A variety of decorative LED fixtures make a lively design statement that is also welcoming and comfortable.

[10.09] Star Lite Majesty Yacht - Clear water, Beach Florida

Every design begins with a clients vision. Impact Lighting Inc. took that vision and implement the right design for the StarLite Majesty Dining Yacht. Impact lighting Inc. worked with the client to fabricate a one of a kind, extraordinary custom fiber optic chandelier with Impact's brightest LED light source, the ION-5000. This custom fiber optic light fixture visually enhanced the room which lead to a one of a kind dining experiences, while enjoying the water view. The lighting of this project is a critical factor in creating a high end, modern and attractive atmosphere – one that will keep Star Lite Majesty's patron coming back for more.

[05.08] Google Headquarters

The award winning Epic Sky Technology's Star Panel Ceiling System was installed at Google's headquarters in California. The SKY STAR PANEL SYSTEM™ is a state of the art modular star system which can create nighttime star field effects. Additional features can include summer nights, ocean surf, tropical rain, shooting stars, and meteor showers . The complete system also offers a moon module that executes realistic moon phases. With the addition of The EPIC SKY MELODY MODULE™ it can also trigger sound effects that synchronize with the pre-programmed thunder, lightning and rain effects.

[05.07] EPIC SKY TECHNOLOGY'S Exciting Dealer Programs

The 2013 CEDIA tradeshow was a great success for us as there was an overwhelming interest in our new Home Integration Lighting Controls and interfaces as well as our fiber optics and LED Products. We have enlisted hundreds of followers. Large home theater distributors, dealers, commercial and residential designers and architects among them.

[05.05] ASID: The American Society of Interior Designers

Impact Lighting Inc. has just recently become a member of ASID - The American Society of Interior Designers.

[05.04] Bloomingdales, Orlando, Florida

Impact Lighting Inc. is currently retrofitting LED lighting at Bloomingdales inside the Mall of Millenia. The lighting in Bloomingdales is designed to selectively highlight a custom glass art wall.

[05.04] Whole Foods, Colorado

The ever popular healthy grocery chain, Whole Foods, are in the process to replace all their metal halide fiber optic lightsources with Impact Lighting Inc.'s super bright ION-8000 LED lightsources. The ION Series consist of a high-power LEDs that provide consistent color temperature and higher light output and longer life than conventional 150-watt fiber optic illuminator bulbs.

[05.03] PastaMore, Citywalk, Universal Studios

The concept for the newly renovated restaurant location inside City Walk was to bring a sense of a home kitchen warmth to the visitors’ experience. Newly LED accents, custom fabricated steam basket chandeliers, cheese graders, mixing whisks and noodle accent lights will be hung throughout the restaurant to provide a cool atmosphere to patrons. Furthermore, vintage copper Jello molds will be used as wall sconces to bring warmth to the raw space.

[04.04] Florida Hospital Celebration 5th Floor, X-Ray Room and Nurse stations.

Impact Lighting Inc.'s LED cove lighting system was installed at the Florida Hospital, Celebration location. Impact Lighting sought to integrate lighting into the natural architecture and create an energy efficient system that adds to the healthy working environment and patient experience in the hospital.

[03.31] Disney Worldwide and Disney Cruise Lines

Impact Lighting Inc. debuts its NEW and BRIGHTEST LED Lightsources, The ION-5000 and 8000. Several were installed on one of the most popular, brand recognized cruise lines in the world, the Disney Magic.

Designed for architectural illumination and pool / fountain applications, the ION Series consist of a high-power LEDs that provide consistent color temperature and higher light output and longer life than conventional 150-watt fiber optic illuminator bulbs.

Impact Lighting Inc.'s lightsources have been installed in many different interior and exterior application areas, from chandelieres, pool and spas, to the huge illuminated projects of popular cruise lines.

[03.19] The Fountain Bleau Hotel and Oceanfront Resort, Miami.

Impact Lighting Inc.'s ION-5000 super bright LED illuminators were recently installed at the Fountain Bleau Hote Resort in Miami Florida. The powerful ION 5000 illuminators lit up the grand entrance waterfountain at the Oceanfront Resort in South Beach.

[03.15] UMH Pharmacy

Impact Lighting Inc.'s track LED white cove lighting was installed. The lighting design objective was to bring a sense of warmth to the visitors’ experience to the pharmacy.

[03.07] Villages of Citrus Hills

Impact Lighting Inc.'s was awarded to light up a new Tiki Bar at a residential clubhouse community located near the Villages in Leesburg Florida.The Tiki Bar will incorporate custom fabricated tribal style drums as LED lit chandeliers. Impact's ever popular and high brightness LED RGB wall washers and DMX control system, will dazzle patrons while creating a dramatic dining environment.

[03.07] Harry Potter Fiber Optic Castle's Grand Entrance Gates.

Impact Lighting Inc.'s has just completed several special effect fiber optic grand entrance gates to be installed at Universal Studios in California and Japan.

[02.28] Kobe Japanese Steakhouse.

Impact Lighting Inc.'s breathtaking LED lit bubble wall feature was installed at the entry of Kobe Japanese Steakhouse on International Drive.

[02.27] Greater Orlando Aviation Authority.

Impact Lighting Inc. is to fabricate and replace all existing gate signages with our ever popular, Clear Form UL approved side lit LED panels at the Orlando International Airport.

[02.26] Impact Lighting Inc.'s new ION 5000 outdoor LED RGB illuminator and fiber optic products light up a pool violin.

Impact's ION 5000 LED and fiber optic pool & landscape lighting to bring out all of the violin pool's features.

The entire pool and spa are finished in a unique glass tile gradient which beautifully reflects the pool lighting. Impact Lighting Inc.'s landscape lighting finishes out the nighttime scene for this luxury property.


[02.25] Impact Lighting Inc. awarded the 2014 Product of The Year

Impact Lighting inc. was awarded the 2014 Product of the Year for it's Epic Sky Technology's Star Panele System by Electronic House Publishing. Click to read more.

[09.23] Impact Lighting Inc.'s UL Approved Serial Controller to Replace DMX in Home Lighting Integration Markets.

Impact's UL approved Epic RS-232 Serial Controllers are the most powerful serial led lighting controllers on the market today. The EP-RS232-ADVANCED and EP-RS232-PRO Serial RGB LED Controllers are a highly professional and intelligent system to control common anode LED lighting or incadescent light bulbs via 2-way RS232 serial commands. These innovative serial controllers are an ideal solution for your stand-alone and integrated home lighting systems.

[08.24] Impact Lighting Inc. Receives UL Certification on Shadowboxes.

All shadow boxes manufactured by Impact Lighting Inc. are UL approved. These super bright panels were used in a variety of architectural backlit applications including in Healthcare facilities such as Florida Hospital across Florida. Impact's Clearform backlit light panels uses Thermal Plastic Light Reflection Technology for even light distribution for a variety of applications suchas signages, architectural facades, countertops, decorative glass, etc.

[09.10] Impact Lighting Inc. Receives UL Certification on it's Epic's Twilight Star boards and Kits.

Impact Lighting Inc.'s UL approved Epic Twilight Star panels and kits have been selling worldwide through a network of home and commercial automation controller integrators via our Epic Sky Technology division. Epics's Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Panels and Kits transform a home theater into a one of a kind show stopper. Customers may choose from unlimited configuration and designs that may include shooting star, meteor shower and moon effects.

[08.22] Shell Oil Company Choses Impact to Redesign Signage.

Shell Oil, which is amongst the largest oil companies in the world, has chosen to partner with us to replace all of their trademarked letter signage in Florida.

[06.26] -Manufacturing Association of Central Florida, 20-year-running agency promoting Central Florida manufacturers, hosts plant tour at Impact Lighting headquarters to a maximum capacity crowd. Click to see more.

[06.26] -Manufacturing Association of Central Florida, 20-year-running agency promoting Central Florida manufacturers, hosts plant tour at Impact Lighting headquarters to a maximum capacity crowd. Click to see more.

[06.21] -Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, the 7th largest hospital in Florida, following a trend in high-style medical lighting, illuminate exterior with led Galaxy Panels as the panels achieve coveted UL Approval . Click to see more.

[05.13] - The Travel Channel, the premier cable channel for travel and leisure, uses signature Star panels in the filming of Rock My RV to revolutionize the concept of mobile art in their 'Sasquatch Hunting' episode. Click to see more.

[02.13] - Carnival Cruise Line, the largest cruise line in the world, has partnered to provide innovative LED and fiber optic minature golf courses for their flagship cruise line. Click to see more.

[01.13] - Hyatt Regency in Greenville, SC. which is a AAA 4-diamond rated resort, chooses the highly rated Epic Control System with ThinGlow LED's for an amazing ballroom lighting effect. Click to see more.

[01.13] Habenaros in the Sanford Towne Center, FL., a top rated Mexican franchise, chooses the Epic Control line of products for all locations, creating materful illumination themes for patrons. Click to see more.

[01.13] - Disney Yacht Club, Orlando, FL winners of the prestigious Florida Green Lodging designation by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, choose us to provide Impact Induction light fixtures to create wonderful and environmentally friendly lightscapes. Click to see more.

[06.12]Moderncontempo.com Washington, DC, One of the largest highend luxury furniture online stores, has partnered with Impact Lighting Inc. to sell our famous patent pending Galaxy System Design wall panels, Click to see more.

[06.12] - Luxury Home Sheboygan, Wisconsin chose us to fabricate and install our famous Galaxy Twilight fiber optic star system as a creative solution to accent a media room ceiling by bringing the outdoor night sky using our Galaxy Twilight fiber optics Star system technology. Click to see more.

[06.12] - South Miami Baptist Hospital Miami, Florida, Number 1 hospital in South Florida as rated by U.S. News & World Reports, partners to light up their eleven NICU rooms with Impact's Galaxy Twilight Star ceiling system. Click to see more.

[06.12] - Pepsico Bottling Co. Orlando, Florida, The second largest beverage company in the world, has
teamed with us to create exclusive displays with Gatorade clearform Galaxy Signage that will be showcased around the country in sports and entertainment venues. Click to see more.

[05.12] - Twistee Treat, Orlando, Florida

chooses us to redsesign their iconic ice cream cone shaped building with Opti-pure Fiber Optics and Architectural Smart Stars Digital Lighting System throughout their nationwide locations. Click to see more.

[05.12] - The Fifth, Orlando, Florida, the newest high-style urban restaurant/lounge with the most innovative lighting in town, owners worked closely with us to create different lighting environments for the Galaxy Design System ceiling panels.Click to see more.

[05.12] - Garabaldi, Apopka, Florida, a 4.5 star-rated Mexican resturant on the Yelp scale, has chosen us to design all custom lighting using Galaxy Design System lit wall panels throughout the new expansion project and all other franchise locations. Click to see more.

[03.12] - Florida Hospital's Translational Research Institute grand opening event, Orlando Florida In collaboration with Florida Hospital's marketing team, Impact Lighting Inc. designed and fabricated a one of a kind eight foot LED lit DNA strand sculpture – the focal point for the grand opening event. Click to see more.

[03.12] - Disney's Grand Floridian, Orlando, Florida, the premier Victorian themed white-sand beach resort has paired with us to light up their grand stairway with our ultra bright waterproof light bar at the Grand Floridian located in Orlando, Florida.Click to see more.